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November 26, 2015


Exhibit is providing Video Court Reporting in professional manners.

The most Common Hand, Wrist & Arm Injuries for Court Reporters.

November 26, 2015

Due to the nature of the court reporting role, the average court reporter is constantly at risk of developing many RSI’s or Repetitive Stress injuries. Most times the court reporter’s injuries are as a result of sitting in one position for extensive hours and subjecting specific parts of the body like the wrist, hands and arms to ongoing strains. Some of the most common repetitive stress injuries related to court reporters are:

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  • Carpal tunnel. The main symptoms of carpal tunnel CTS occur due to irritation to the median nerve which passes through the carpal tunnel in the wrist and controls some of the movements of the thumb, as well as sensation in the thumb and the next two and a half fingers. The main symptoms include tingling, numbness and pain which occur in the thumb, the index finger, the middle finger and half of the ring finger.
  • Cubital tunnel. This is a condition that affects the ulnar nerve where it crosses the inside edge of the elbow. The symptoms are very similar to the pain that comes from hitting your funny bone. Cubital tunnel arises through repetitive daily activities, such as regularly using a computer keyboard and mouse. Symptoms include pain that gets worse when you move the affected area, stiffness in the affected area, which may be worse in the morning, weakness in the affected area or being unable to move a joint, a sensation that the tendon is grating or crackling as it moves and many other symptoms.
  • Epicondylitis involves a painful inflammation of tendons surrounding an epicondyle; which normally starts in the elbow area and thus affecting as well, the hand, wrist, and arm and fingers mobility.
  • Tenosynovitis involves inflammation of tendons on the side of the wrist at the base of the thumb. These tendons include the extensor pollicis brevis and the abductor pollicis longus tendons, which extend the joints of the thumb. This is a critical condition for the court reporter.

How Court Reporting Is Done

November 24, 2015

Ellie Corbett Hannum Explains Why She Loves Court Reporting

July 22, 2015

What She Said To Us In This Interview:

I think I've actually been a court reporter for about 35 years site I graduated high school at that time college graduates were not finding jobs so in addition to the fact that couldn't afford to go to college I was looking for something that I was going to sure-fire thing laxative ernie yet and income and so I start looking around I worked for two years as secretary I just looked into various fields and by lock I ended up having lunch with a court reporter who was a friend of my boyfriend I never even knew what a court reporter was got talking to him talked about how long a training was at that time was two years and I thought to myself this is manageable something I could do and the thing I love is actually the court reporting I've I always loved being at former player it for me is just a beautiful thing your always learn something new call reporting seriously is one of the best jobs ever I just read a book about Steve Jobs and he says find something you love just do it and that is the truth oMG I we all need money like money II of people say oh well you know I want forties looks like make my I love the court reporting part and quite honestly when you do something love making money it's just sort by price me just happens and its on it's a great job it's so interesting
at five steel toes over the past month different things I was involved in its its its a job that I sometimes can't believe I get paid for his you do when you don't have the pressure I was that I have a dog in the fight not a liar all I have to do is do my job and certainly i to do it to the best of my ability but I listen to hear one thing that makes me is very grateful my life because I don't care what problems you think you have as a whole host things out there that other people who deal with and outlined a patent infringement malpractice to sometimes think I tell people stuff helping to make it up but there's a lot that is on the world
you are so involved so many different aspects hand its its wonderful job when you choose your school you know certainly want to get at the school's up Sura approved our national association has ways of making sure that schools are on up to snuff but get good hand Asian to work really hard Seery we'll have to work hard just have to do it have to be consistent learn it's it's getting really good based and then from there you know it's its feet obviously it's practice you look into schools talk to people talk to other court reporters and me to score certainly I mean I think the world's demographic that's quite
sincere and that's by my heart a and then just just to no work hard at the beginning really hard beginning get it down pat the best football to play but the technology is fantastic it on it makes you so much better you're taking it down you can be sending it out to Scopus and in her office her home his actually editing it while you're taking it so that they can be may be finished half an hour after you are at the end of the day technologies fantastic it makes them much better product quite honestly makes fared much better quality of life for a poor reporters the greatest up the world departed exciting interesting things to going on in your your and integral part at the system if you really believe in the system really makeshift pillow popped up sometimes that you can a you can play the role you play which isn't believe very important role.